Life is about choices and journeys. Every turn can take you somewhere else, either expected or not. Having a desire to run from it all, if only for a few moments, has always been how I have dealt with stress. Even as a child, I dreamt about being the only person on this planet. I guess Iā€™m a true introvert, ready to fly away at any given moment. 

My artwork reflects escaping into the unknown where the possibilities for peace and tranquility await. Most of my imagery has to do with flying or flyovers, as I call them. I am always intrigued with the possibilities of a never-ending aerial landscape, exploring and wandering within the mountains and valleys as an animal would do in nature. My artwork allows the viewer to escape into each painting, looking for traveled routes or a secluded oasis.  The extension of my work will be to creatively investigate all the options of escape and exploration.


Amy Floyd was born and raised in the valley of the sun, Scottsdale, Arizona.  She earned her BFA in Painting from ASU.  She studied a variety of art mediums that included painting, photography, printmaking, jewelry design, ceramics and many more. Evidence of different art media can be seen in the several styles that Amy Floyd exhibits in her artwork.  

Nature is the top influencer that inspires Amy and her artwork.  Many of her pieces are captions or snippets of something she has seen or experienced in the natural world.  The properties of water are some of the most intriguing to her. Having spent endless hours in a pool growing up and then having a deep interest for the ocean has ignited a passion to re-create many pieces of fluid art. In contrast to the water, the sky is also an important force in her artwork.  Growing up in Arizona she looked forward to monsoon season which brought relief from the hot sun.  The storms offer a welcome change in scenery with cool tones of grey and blues that are a part of her clouds included in her landscape paintings.

Amy is also an art educator who teaches children that are all on the autism spectrum.  She continually brings her artistic talents to her students and helps them learn another form of communication through their own artwork.  She strives to instill in her students the importance of expressing themselves and helps to build their artistic skills.  Amy still lives in Arizona, raising two daughters and working full time.  Art is a passion that is still a driving force in her life as she manages to be an artist as well as a mom, a wife and a teacher.  If you need her she will be in her garden or her studio.